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CofC Races Collegiate Nationals!!! Presented by D'Allesandro's Pizza

Posted by Brian Arne on May 10, 2012 at 2:55 PM Comments comments (1)

At a certain point in every low country cyclist’s life, they must leave the flat land and go race in other places. This year, Collegiate Nationals were held in Ogden, UT which is about 40 min north of Salt Lake City. Brian would be going to try and bring home the Stars and Bars to CofC.

Usually I (yes, I will now use the first person for the rest of the write up) try to give some details of the exciting adventures off the bike that the team does before the races but nationals is no time for fun. I sat in the hotel room trying not to move my legs (saving them for race day) and preceded to spill a day’s worth of caloric intake of Nutella on the hotel sheets. Luckily it wasn’t my bed that I spilled it on…

On to the crit! The national’s course was an 8 turn course that was very, very open and windy. Not exactly my strong suit but you can’t let yourself be beat before even starting! Unfortunately I did get beat though… but only by 13 people so a top 15th in the first event is what I took home. There were several attacks from the field and a group of three managed to hold off all the way to the line. A big congrats to Ryan Sullivan of Cumberland for taking 3rd and Sebastian Scherf for 2nd. Good to see some of the SECCC boys can hold their own on the national level.

The next day was the road race and I was feeling pretty good about my chances. The course had a Cat 1 climb roughly 15km from the finish and I knew I would have a good shot at getting a great result. Unfortunately, I was racing a bike and sometimes you just get some back luck. Roughly two miles in, a huge pile up took down half the field. Sadly when 50 to 60 guys hit the ground, its gonna take you awhile to be helped with a front wheel and back out on the course. I did get to sit down for six minutes though which was kind of nice I guess… Once I had a new front wheel I started my solo bridge back to the field at a six minute gap.

For the next two hours I chased the peloton around the reservoir by myself and finally got back on a few km before the peloton descended out of the reservoir to only climb back up into it for the finish. The two hour solo chase though took it out of me and I could only squeeze a 15th place out of my legs. Not bad considering the conditions but 15th doesn’t earn you a jersey. But hey, that’s bike racing.

A big congratulations goes out to Ryan Sullivan and Shawn Gravois. Ryan took home what I believe was another 3rd place in the road race that ended up earning him 1st in the overall omnium and a Stars and Bars jersey. Shawn pulled out a great finish in the road race too and took home a 3rd place in DI. Well deserved results by both of the two. Congrats!

The next day I caught a ride to the airport with King College and I have to give them a big thank you for all the help with transportation that weekend. Also they didn’t have a too shabby ride at nats either; 5th in the DII team omnium! After a long transfer back to Charleston, Zack picked me up at the airport at 1 a.m. in the morning and even let me go to Waffle House to chow down. Thanks for the ride Zack.

This may be the latest I have ever talked about pizza in a race write up. The team would like to thank D’Allesandro’s Pizza for being a returning sponsor of the team this year. D’Als has been cooking up the best pizza in Charleston for awhile now and they are huge supporters of cycling. Make sure you go and get a pizza (or two) from them and give them a big thank you for supporting the team again this year. Check them out in the sponsor’s page.

A huge thanks goes out to all of our sponsors and the College of Charleston for helping us have a successful year and hopefully we can deliver another one next year!

CofC Races at Brevard Presented by Rent Charleston

Posted by Brian Arne on May 10, 2012 at 2:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Ah yes, it is that time of year again, time for conference finals. This year, conference finals were hosted in Brevard, NC by none other than Brevard College. For this race weekend Brian, Christian, and Zack would be making the trip up to race all three events at conference finals.

As the team was traveling up, we got word that Christian’s parents and sister would be in town for the races. The team got a good early start heading out of town so plans for dinner were made with Christian’s family and the team couldn’t be happier. Brian got some bad directions to the hotel though and proceeded to drive the guys around nowhere Brevard for a good bit and made the whole team late for dinner.

Finally though the guys made it to a wonderful pizza dinner with a team sponsor, Lewis, Feldman, & Lehane, and Christian’s family. Interestingly enough we found out that yes, people do read the team updates but also that they are very much aware of all the typos in the write ups… You just can’t trust a music major to write anything good. Big thanks to the Feldman family for treating us to dinner and being a sponsor. Thanks!

The next morning the team fueled up and headed out to the 16 miles individual time trial. Brian and Zack both had great rides taking home 1st and 4th and were feeling pretty good going into the road race later that day.

The time trial may have been a little much though and the guys definitely felt it in the road race. Zack decided that the road race was simply too easy for him so he dropped out in order to go find a harder workout and Brian ended up 5th in his road race.

The CofC ride of the day goes to Christian though. After a group of attacks from the field, Christian ended up isolated in no man’s land between the lead group and the field. Instead of sitting up and waiting to regroup, Christian put his head down and powered to the line to take a solid top ten finish in the road race.

Luckily after a hard day’s ride, Brian’s parents were in town also and took Brian and Zack out to dinner while Christian went with his parents to dinner. Nothing heals the weary legs like a dinner out with family. Zack did eat a pizza’s worth of leftovers though before we even left the hotel for dinner… and then proceeded to get a salad at a steak house. Who does that?

The next day was a tough crit in downtown Brevard. A steep uphill kicker to the finish and a decent around the back made for a very hard day in the saddle.

Christian decided that his crit was a little too easy too and decided to drop out a bit into the race to go find some other harder riding elsewhere. Once Zack learned Christian was going to do harder riding, he then promptly dropped his chain during his race so that he could drop out too and go do some harder riding elsewhere. Brian got away with one other rider in his crit and ended up taking second in the sprint. Zac from Lees McRae had a monstrous sprint and earned the conference crit title.

Overall it was a very successful close to the cycling season. Next up for the team, Brian will be going out to Ogden, UT to race Collegiate Nationals.

This trip wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for our sponsors. We would like to thank Rent Charleston this week for helping to support the team. Rent Charleston has been a sponsor now for two years and is very supportive of the team. Not only are we proud to have them as a sponsor, but half of our team actually rents their apartments from them! If you are looking for a place to stay, make sure to check them out and let them know you are glad they support the cycling team. Check them out on the sponsor’s page!

A Lone CofC Warrior at Cumberland University

Posted by Brian Arne on March 19, 2012 at 2:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Since only Zack went to Cumberland he is therefore the only one able to summarize the weekend. Since Zack doesn’t feel as comfortable writing about himself in the third person as Brian does, the summary will be short and concise.

It was a lonely eight and a half hour drive topped off with a final hour that included tornadoes and decent sized hail. It made Zack reconsider why he decided to go on such a preposterous journey. The storm quickly passed however and the time trial the next morning arrived quickly. With only two competitors in the B field Zack was able to comfortably pull out another CofC time trialing victory ( the third of the year). After a quick rest in the small but pleasant town of Murfreesboro, Zack was back in the saddle to compete in the road race. The course was surprisingly hilly with a climbers finish, not ideal for a larger rider. Despite this Zack still managed to make the leading chase group but spent all of his effort doing so and ended up in 13th. The crit went much better in the shadow of the Titans LP field. Zack made the breakaway and just beat out an Alabama rider at the line for an 8th place finish.

Overall a very exciting if not overly successful weekend at an extremely well put on event. Until next time...

CofC Races at GSU Presented by Lewis, Feldman and Lehane, LLC

Posted by Brian Arne on February 29, 2012 at 8:45 AM Comments comments (0)

On the car ride down to Statesboro GA someone brought up a sad point about the cycling team this year.  The team as a whole had not won a single race this year.  So the pressure was on to get a win this weekend.  Maybe this talk motivated the team because it was our most successful race weeken so far this year!

Before we get started with the actual weekend recap, the team woud like to thank Joseph Middleton.  Jody is the SECCC assistant director and was also our host housing for the weekend.  Jody and the GSU gang worked their tail off to put on a great race weekend and still have time to let us crash at his place.  Again, a big thanks goes out to Jody.

So after arising from a spaghetti induced coma (courtesy of our team chef Kelcie Keith) the team ate a hearty breakfast and headed out to the time trial and road race course.  This year the course had been changed so it was nice to get in a lap of the road race during the ITT to see how the race later in the day might unfold.

Although the field sizes were small, both Christian and Brian won their individual time trials.  If anyone ask though, tell them it was a 100 man field and that we won by minutes.  This was a great confidence booster going into the road races later that day.  Two first place finishes in the first event!  The dry spell had been broken and the team was looking for Zack and Kelcie to deliever in their road races.

The course was a tough one and every single field split into small groups of riders fighting it out in the wind.  In the Men's B field, Kelcie and Zack were lucky enough to both make the chase group together.  These two guys showed experience beyond their category and exicuted team tactics to a T.  Zack threw up a late race attack and held off the chasers to pull out a 5th place finish while Kelcie played the role of a true teammate and took home 10th.  Two top ten finishes isn't too shabby at all.  Big props go out to those guys for riding like a team.

After winning the Men's C ITT, Christian was a little worn out for a 40 mile road race and possible too cool to ride with the other C's.  So once the fields started to split Christian road at a comfortable pace and rolled in with a few friends later in on the race.  The break was well earned though.

The Men's A field played out in a similar fashion as they normally do.  A break went up the road consisting of two Florida riders, two Cumberland riders, two King's College riders, and Brian.  Towards the end of two laps to go, the break splintered again with Shawn Gravois from Florida, Ryan Sullivan from Cumberland, and Brian getting up the road.  Shawn put in the attack that would give him the win about 4 k out and Ryan and Brian were forced to chase.  When I say Ryan and Brian though I really mean just Ryan.  The final result ended with Brian taking 3rd place.

With a very succesful day of racing behind them, the team went out to get a lot of pizza.  The pizza place though that the team ended up wasn't nearly as good as our local shop D'Allesandro's Pizza.  Maybe D'Allesdanro's should open up a shop in Statesboro and show those GA folk what real pizza taste like.

The crit the next morning was very cold and technical.  As you may be able to see from the photos, Brian didn't even leave the car to take pictures.  In fact Brian didn't even leave the car to race and decided to pass on racing the crit.  He claimed it was becuase he didn't want to wreck but we all know he was just scared of getting beat.

Christian put up a very valient effort in his race and showed a huge improvement in his pack riding skills for such a technical course.  Christian landed a respectable 13th place and even made it out of the race without damaging that beautiful BMC of his.

During the Men's B race, Kelcie decided that Zack was in control of the race and decided to support him from the side line after Kelcie's leg went Dr. Strangelove on him.  Zack was able to pull out a strong finish by winning his chase groups sprint for another top ten finish at 7th place.

With a very successful weekend in the bag, the team headed home.  Of course though, a DQ stop was in order.  The team had earned their ice cream.  Check out some of our pictures from the race weekend under the photos link.

This week we would like to thank a special sponsor, Lewis, Feldman and Lehane, LLC.  Lewis, Feldman and Lehane are attorneys at law who will specialize in injured cyclist.  Lewis, Feldman and Lehave practice out of Alabama so if you know anyone in need of some cycling law adive, do not hesitate to  put them in concact with out sponsors.  The team really appreciates the support that we recieve from this out of state sponsor and we are glad to bring home some wins for them this weekend.  Check out their link under our sponsors page and let them know you are glad they support the team.  Thanks again guys!

Hopefully team kits will be in shortly and we can post up some pictures of them so stay tuned.  This coming weekend we have a sole rider going to represent out team up at Cumberland Univeristy.  Zack will be racing over his Spring Break!  No rest for the wicked even over the break.  Good luck Zack!

First Race of the Year!! Presented by Affordabike

Posted by Brian Arne on February 7, 2012 at 10:45 AM Comments comments (0)

That's right, the CofC Cycling Team traveled down to Gainesville, FL for the first race of the road race season.  The team consisting of Brian, Christian, Jonathan, Zach, and Alumni Brooks headed out from Charleston early than in the past years to make pre registration at the race hotel.  Luckily, the team was able to make it in time as registration for this event every year is painfully slow.  No having to wake up extra early this year!

The crit course on Saturday this year was held on a race track.  The course was largely untechnical except for one part, the 180 degree turn.  This turn was notorious for bringing down individual riders who had either taken the turn way to fast, or dropped a pedal on the inside going through the turn.  There was a fair amount of bandages floating around the peloton this year.

Even with the 180 degree turn, our new recruits (Christian and Jonathan) did a great job of holding their own in the Men's C field.  For having done only a handful of group rides and having never done a bike race, the boys did a great job.  After 30 minutes of racing, our green duo crossed the line without a single scrape.  Definately a successful ride considering the 180 degree.  The team is looking forward to seeing how this guys will develop and hopefully we can get a few wins out of them!  Look for results to come under the Results page as soon as they are posted.

Our big man Zach moved up this year from Men's C to Men's B in order to try his hand at the overall victory.  Zach was sitting pretty the whole race and was waiting to make his signature flying move.  Going into the last few laps. 3 men were off the front and Zach decided to throw up a flier.  Unfortunately, this time around Zach wouldn't get away and had to try and crush it in the field sprint.  After winding it up, Zach took a cool top 10 and was looking forward to the time trial.

The Men's A field had a early breakaway just minutes into the race which Brian was able to make.  After missing the key move with 5 laps to go, Brian took 4th with a late attack to bridge up to the leaders.  Congratulations to Cumberland for taking oth 1st and 2nd in the crit but also mad props to Shawn Gravois who had to take on the Cumberland guys 2v1 leading into the final laps.

The individual time trials went down without too much excitement.  The time trial course was a rather bland 7 mile course which was completely flat and straight out.  The wind was decent though so it looked to be a course for the bigger riders.  We are too sure how we placed and won't be until results are posted but check back for results.  

After much fighting about what food was worthy of being eaten after such a long day, Brian pulled the "I'm driving" card and took the team to Moe's Southwest instead of Chipotle which was much more favored by Zach.  Free chips seemed to be the issue at hand.  One the faces and stomachs had been stuffed, the team retired to the hotel and crashed early in preparation for another day of racing.

The course Sunday was in the downtown Gainesville on a partially brick course.  This is the classic crit. that the Swamp Classic has become known for.  With an uphill kicker for the start/finish and a downhill backside, the course would be a tough one.

Again, our C racers did some really good racing.  Christian and Jonathan really improved their pack handling skills after the first race and maintained some really good positions throughout the whole race.  If these guys can improve this much just from one race, surely they can pull out some wins later on in the year.  All around, some strong and smart riding coming out of these guys.

Zach did work in the B race as well taking a pack finish in the uphill sprint.  The whole race Zach rode smart and was in the right place at the right time.  But somtimes you can race the perfect race and not win the sprint.  Congratulations to Lees McRae for taking the Men's B sprint.

Not too much can be said about the Men's A race.  Going into the 3rd lap, Brian attacked downhill to bridge to the move that eventually won the race.  Unfortunately, right when he got out of the saddle and put down some power, the chain skipped and put Brian on the ground.  After running back to the start line to get back in, the offical noticed that the rear wheel had been messed up so bad that it was rubbing the chain stays and Brian had to abandon the race.

Luckily, the wreck happened early in the race so the team could head out early! After a long and boring Florida drive back to Charelston, them team was back in time to see the kick off of the Super Bowl.

This weeks trip could only be possible with out sponsors support so make sure you check them out under the Sponsors and Links pages.

This week we would like to especially thank Affordabike.  Affordabike is a new sponsor this year and is helping us out with all things bikes.  They are located on upper King and are the best stocked shop in town!  Make sure to run by the shop, check out all the cool stuff they have in their, and let them know you appreciate them sponsoring the College of Charleston team.  Thanks a bunch Affordabike!

Make sure to keep checking the site as we will be updating with race weekend results and reviews from the lastest race weekend.  Thanks for reading!  Also check out this past weekends pictures under the Pictures link.

Lewis, Feldman and Lehane, LLC Attorneys at Law are Welcomed as a New Team Sponsor

Posted by Brian Arne on October 6, 2011 at 8:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Great news!  Lewis, Feldman and Lehane, LLC Attorneys at Law have agreed to help sponsor the CofC Team this year.  This is the first year that the CofC Cycling Team will be partnering with Lewis, Feldman and Lehane and we are looking forward to earning some wins for our new sponsor.  Lewis, Feldman and Lehane practice law involving personal injury in Alabama and even have a focus in bicycling related law.  So please check them out under our Sponsors section and if you are in need of any bicycling related law, contact out new sponsors and thank them for the support of the CofC Cycling Team.

Rent Charleston and D'Allesandro's Pizza Welcomed Back as Sponsors

Posted by Brian Arne on September 25, 2011 at 5:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Both D'Allesandro's Pizza and Rent Charleston have decided to return this year as sponsors for 2011-2012 cycling season!  We are very excited to have them back and are looking forward to bringing home some wins for them!  Make sure to stop by their shops and thank them for sponsoring the team and also check out their links in the Sponsors page of the website.  Glad to have you back!

Affordabike New Team Sponsor

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Affordabike is now our new bike shop sponsor!  For those of you who may not have heard of Affordabike, they are one of the newer shops intown but don't let this fool you, these guys know what they are doing.  In no time Affordabike out grew one of their old shop and is now located at 534 King Street.  Just like Affordabike, the CofC team is growing and we are very excited to have such a great shop partner up with us for the upcoming year.  So do the team and favor and stop by Affordabike sometime soon and check it out!  Let them know you heard about the new sponsorship and thank them for supporting us.  Thanks Affordabike for helping us get off on a great foot for the new bike season!

CofC Seeking Sponsors; Team Gear Orders Soon!

Posted by Brian Arne on September 1, 2011 at 6:40 PM Comments comments (0)

As things are slowly getting back into the groove at CofC, the cycling team is starting to think about the upcoming road season.  Currently we are looking to add new sponsors for the upcoming season and beyond.  If you or someone you know is interested in possibly sponsoring the team, please contact us through the team email:  We can work with your company and figure out how we both can benefit from a partnership.

Along with the upcoming season comes new team gear.  The team will be getting a design for our cycling clothes, which will be Hincapie Sportswear again this year, worked out soon and we will be placing an order in the next month or two.  If anyone is interested in purchasing a custom CofC cycling kit, please contact us soon at the team email seen above so you don't miss the order!

CofC Seeking Riders!

Posted by College of Charleston Cycling Team on August 17, 2011 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (0)

The College of Charleston Cycling team is seeking new riders for the 2012 season.  Racing starts early February 2012 and the team will be training all winter in preparation.  The CofC cycling team sent 2 riders to Nationals last year.  

All levels are welcome to come out and race.  Contact Brian Arne -